Turbines Curatorial Collective presents: UTOPIAS Performance Art Festival

Turbines is a Kingston-based curatorial collective co-founded by Pansee Atta, Gabriel Cheung, Ev Dunsford, Robin Alex McDonald, and Katharine Vingoe-Cram, committed to an anti-oppressive mandate and organized non-hierarchically through a consensus-based decision-making framework.

In 2015, Turbines’ five members co-curated and organized UTOPIAS, a three-day performance art festival which brought artists — established and emerging, local and international — with an interest in themes of gender, bodies, sexuality, performativity, and public space together in events primarily located in non-traditional arts spaces. The festival included a community round-table discussion, a performative lecture, and a queer dance party in addition to the four scheduled performances. Artists included Ms. Vaginal Davis (Berlin), Hazel Meyer (Toronto), Andrew Rabyinuk (Kingston), and Avery Everhart (Kingston). UTOPIAS’ performances received local media coverage and an estimated 300 audience members, as well as support from a number of local organizations committed to arts and/or advocacy.

Poster design by Gabriel Cheung